My Future Groom


My fiance should be on the cover of the next magazine issue of ‘The World’s Sexiest Man Alive’

Contributions to his sexiness:


Man of God


Chest Hair

Spiritual Leader







Faith like a Child

Tickle Monster

Rosy Cheeks

Heart of Gold

Loyal Friend

Chicken Legs




Warm Blooded



These are a few of my favorite things!

There are an innumerable amount of other qualities that my Future Husband possesses that make him the most desirable man in town!! But… I can’t mention them all on this public site because if I did, I’d have to lock him up so the rest of the world’s population of single women don’t plot to kidnap him for their own!!

Christian men are the sexiest men alive.

I don’t have to have sex with him to know that he is everything I want in a man.

Thank you Lord for pairing us together!!!!



Starting the Puzzle

Beginning to put together the puzzle of our wedding was troubling.

I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to do.

But then I remembered

It helped me find the 4 corner pieces and some of the edge pieces!

I still can’t see the final picture; however, it feels so good to know that it’s coming together 🙂

Thanks to, David and I are gonna walk to Freddie’s tonight and purchase a binder, notebooks, and a calendar to start organizing.

I’ll keep you posted on what it starts to look like!Image


Gee…It’s rea…


It’s really happening!!


Someone I respect, who continually loves on people, builds me up and makes my insides smile has confessed that he wants to spend the rest of his life holding my hand.

I couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing man to find in me what I find in him! There aren’t words to describe the confidence I have in him. I feel unworthy of such a blessing of love.

Thank you Lord for trusting me with David’s heart! I know without a doubt that I can trust him with mine!


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